And He's Gone!

Funky sets sail for Europe! Yep, its true - after years of discussion and promises, he finally packed himself up and headed North just before Christmas. Thanks to all those who had a hand in helping him to the launch pad! Sketchy reports indicate that he had a great Christmas in London, and great New Year in France, and has been loving the Austrian women since!! We all wish Funky the very best of luck on his adventures, and look forward to detailed recounting of his exploits (detailed you hear). We also look forward to his sorting out some permanent accommodation so we can all come and take advantage of him! Over to you Funky!

Adam's Ankle is Coming Along Just Fine

That's right! Following a recent extreme sporting event injury (actually he was trying to do a spin at a party - yes on a flat surface, and yes he had had a few), Adam has been convalescing at home. Thankfully he has a recently acquired Halo2 game to keep him occupied (genius excuse if you ask me) on those long cricket-less afternoons on the couch. Last reports were that it was all coming along fine (ankle was healing OK as well), that the walking holiday in Tasmania came off OK, and that he nailed his Uni results. The sooner he gets on and becomes a famous event organizer and we can all get cheap tickets and meet cool people the better!

Mia's First Real Word: "Hello"

Mia was out in force on the beach recently testing out her newly perfected vocabulary. While Ben and Simon hit the water at Lucky Bay, Mia spent her afternoon approaching random men walking up the beach with a "Hello" and a giggle. Simon got the same treatment while inflating his kite, although he also scored a few kisses, before having sand thrown at hem (with a giggle. What a cutie!


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