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You have arrived at the private web site for a branch of the Fraser Clan based in Perth, Western Australia. These pages contain some information about our branch of the Fraser Clan, and some collected information about the Scottish Fraser Clan from which we descend, and of which we are a part.

Clan tartans, badges and crests

We have also compiled a collection of Clan Fraser tartans, badges, crests and other art of interest to our branch of the Clan.

The Fraser Clan

There are two well known branches of the Fraser Clan in Scotland. The senior line of the Fraser Clan is a lowland clan, the Philorth Frasers. Lady Saltoun is the current cheif of the Philorth Frasers, and of the name and arms of Fraser (being the senior line). The Lovat Frasers, from which our branch of the Clan decsends, are the highland branch of the Clan. Our chief is Lord Lovat. Lovat Frasers owe their allegencde firstly to Lord Lovat, and then to Lady Altoun. The following is a brief clan overview of the Fraser's of Lovat:


Gaelic Name: Friseal


Origin of Name: French, fraise (strawberry)


Motto: Je suis prest, French for I am ready


Gaelic name for Lovat Chief: MacShimi (written sometimes as MacSimi or MacShimidh) which means son of Simon


Badge: Iubhar (Yew)


Slogan: "A Mhor-fhaiche" (The Great Field) or "Caisteal Dhuni" (Castle Dounie)


Pipe Music: Lovat's March

The Fraser's of Lovat are descendants of Sir Simon Fraser, who was the brother of Alexander, who was Robert the Bruce's chamberlain. The Lovat family seat is Beauly, Inverness-shire. Beauly was founded circa 1320 by John Bisset, who built Lovat Castle. Castle Dounie was home to the chiefs of Lovat from 1511 until it was burned after Culloden. Beaufort Castle was built in the 1880's and sold in 1995.

The Fraser Clan has a long and colorful history. Various versions of that history, and some accounts of various clan related events that we have found have been compiled on the following pages. Most are based on other publications (if not reproductions thereof) and little real research of our own has been undertaken. If you find something that's not correct, or you find a better source, by all means contact us as we would love to know.

Collection of brief but colorful Clan Overviews from the web

Fraser Chief's Detailed Clan History (copied from her page)

Lastly, if you want to know more, we have collected some Clan Fraser related links so that you can go to the source if you like.

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