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Kite Links

Equipment Makers

North Kiteboarding
All the details on North kites and boards

Airush Kiteboarding
All the details on Airush kites and boards

Underground Kiteboards
All the details on these kick-ass boards

Peter Lynn Kites
All the details on the PL foil range


Equipment Review Sites

Kite-Surf - Reviews


Equipment Retailers

Windsurfing Perth
North and Cabrina retailer in Perth
Airush retailer in Perth

Underground and Naish retailer in Perth

KitePower (NSW)
Chain of retailers with large stock in Eastern States

Hold The Line Kites
Peter Lynn retailer & kite repairs in Perth


[To come]


Forums & Other Sites

Seabreeze - Forums
Excellent general forum and 2nd hand forum

US based accident log to learn from
[To come]

Wind Information

Seabreeze - wind graphs
Real time and wind prediction info to live your life by!

DOM - weather forecast
Everything you want to know about the weather

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