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Our Branch of the Clan

This branch of the Fraser Clan was founded by Ann and John Fraser in Perth, Western Australia. With the evident intention of founding their very own clan, they together have raised five son's (no daughters, which may explain how we got to five boys). The boys, oldest first, are Simon, Scott, Ben, Michael and Adam. Arny, the family dog, and also a boy, also deserves a mention as a member of the clan (he thinks he's human anyway). We are all proud Fraser's: proud of our immediate family (to which we are loyal and for which we are very grateful), and proud of our clan history and heritage, some of which we have reflected on this site (which you can find links to on the "About Us" page).

Scott married Melissa, and they have charged fearlessly into the breach and commenced to build the next generation of the Clan with Ruby, their beautiful little girl. Ben, never to be outdone, married Annika, and they have followed hot on the path blazed by Scott and Melissa with their own little girl Mia. Adam is has moved to Melbourne with the lovely Nic and is currently working and studying (real reason is suspected to be improved proximity to the MCG - wholly place of Cricket). Michael has headed to Europe and Asia, and appears to change continent on an almost hourly basis. He will be playing hockey, snowboarding and 'educating' the local female populations about Australia and Australians for some time to come it is suspected. Simon has just returned from an extended period abroad and is taking a year off to smell the roses (which is a euphemism for being a kitesurfing bum, although he did put this web site up), and is happily ensconced with Sarah (yes 'again', for those of you who follow this sort of thing). Actually, Ben has also been bitten by the kitesurfing bug, and has been selling Mia's toys to buy new kit. Mike was getting into the sport as well before he departed our shores, and it is suspected that part of the reason for his departure related to his being shown up by his older brothers on a number of embarrassing occasions. Unfortunately he is unable to edit this page and so, regrettably, has been unable to offer his own view on these matters!

That's it for now. John (aka Dad, aka Grandpa, aka the Don) has undertaken to write this section of the site, and he is the naturally gifted writer in the Clan, along with being its leader and rock. When he comes good on that promise you will find a much expanded and beautifully composed piece of witty prose here to replace this dribble! We may also put up some photos, with the consent of the guilty!


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