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Coat of Arms

There are a number of coats of arms associated with various branches of the Fraser Clan. The first below is the coat of arms used by the Fraser Clan when it first appeared. Variations were used by various Fraser's until the clan split into the Fraser's of Lovat and the Fraser's of Pilorth. The coat of arms of the Lovat Fraser's is the second set out below. Click on the coats of arms to go to the www.baronage.co.uk site explanations of the relevant clan history (in some detail).


Fraser's of Lovat

Crest Badges

There are two Fraser Clan badges worn by clansmen: the Fraser Clan badge (motto: 'all my hope is in god'), and the badge worn by the highland branch of the clan, the Fraser's of Lovat (motto: 'Je suis prest', or 'I am ready').

Fraser's of Lovat
'Je suis prest'
(I am ready)

'All my hope is in god'


There are a number of Fraser tartans (at least 22 registered tartans, but many more). The following are the modern Fraser Red and Fraser Hunting tartans worn by this branch of the clan, and which are most recognizable as Fraser Clan tartans (click to view larger samples). The Red tartan is used as a dress tartan, although there seems to be some debate as to whether it is actually a dress tartan (listed dress tartans are usually white based, although some list the Red ass a dress tartan also). The Red is certainly the most recognizable Fraser Clan tartan.

Fraser Modern Tartan (Red)

Fraser Modern Hunting Tartan

Other clan tartans of interest to this branch of the clan are the Lovat Fraser's tartan (there are more than one, but we like this one), and the ancient Fraser Clan hunting tartan (which is less well known than the modern hunting tartan, but we like it a lot).

Lovat Tartan

Ancient Hunting Fraser Tartan

More comprehensive lists of Fraser tartans can be found at the following links (including an interesting discussion at the Fraser Chiefs site):



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